SMiLE on WordPress

SMiLE has moved its website from ‘Google Sites’ to ‘WordPress’.

The WordPress website enables SMiLE to publish articles to the website, automatically email the articles to subscribed readers and automatically post the articles to social media in a very efficient way. It also enables SMiLE to allow contributing writers to write their articles but keep control of publishing by the SMiLE Editor or SMiLE website Administrator.

WordPress is a blog* website service. It free, has CMS** and enables you to build a complete blog based website. WordPress websites are based on templates (ready-made webdesigns), some of these templates are full responsive thus making it possible to easily read your content on PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone without having to swipe or resize text and menus to read or navigate your website. A WordPress website typically contains a blog page and any number of webpages for static content like an About page, Contact page, etc… The blog page orders published articles by date (newest article at the top) and has functionalities to automatically push the articles to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Articles can be liked and shared by readers and readers can even subscribe to receive every new article by e-mail. The blog system also provides you with an archive of all your published articles. The archive can be searched or accessed by using a date, writer, tag or category.

Using WordPress in a team is very easy. You can invite members to be Editors, Writers and contributors. A Contributor can write an article but can not publish it. A Writer can write, publish and delete his OWN articles. An Editor can write, publish and delete ALL messages. So a Contributor is able to write his message, but the editor can decide if it gets published or not.

SMiLE is organizing a seminar ‘Introduction to Blogging’ at the 2013 International Convention in Hamburg. As I prepare this seminar I will post ‘How to’ articles on WordPress on this blog regular!

More details on other SMiLE seminars and events in Hamburg on this blog shortly…

* A blog is like an online logbook or diary where you can write and publish articles. Your blog can be private (accessible on invitation only) or public.
See also Wikipedia:

** CMS: Content Management System. A system to manage content of a website using role base permissions.
See also Wikipedia:


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